Door Me [Hackathon Winner]

Door Me [Hackathon Winner]



DoorMe was a group submission (with my friend Ryan Chan) to NewHacks, a 24-hour hackathon that ran in November 2021.
DoorMe is a QR code and knock-based automated deadbolt locking system that allows you to control who does and doesn’t have access to your dorm room without illegally creating extra keys.
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How We Built It

The deadbolt mechanism was CADed in Solidworks, then 3D printed. It uses a servo to push a bolt horizontally. For QR code detection, we first used an ESP32-CAM but after running into resolution complications opted to tape a tablet to our dorm door. The camera is streamed through a server to any of our laptops where the feed is then run through some image processing using OpenCV, for example fixing the door's natural fish-eye warp. The new corrected feed is then passed to a QR code reading library and reads a name to be checked against our guest list. If they are on this list, our laptop sends a packet over serial to an Arduino which drives the servo motor, unlocking the door. We used python to create an app that generates QR codes for a given list of names, this also becomes the guest list that we compare scanned QR codes to when checking if DoorMe should unlock/not unlock the door. The door can also be controlled by knocks or sequences of knocks through a volume sensor and Arduino code, which allows the door to be locked from the outside easily.

Challenges We Ran Into

Our biggest challenge was probably trying to get a sharp enough image on the ESP32-CAM and the tablet camera to read the Vaccine QR codes, but unfortunately neither had a large enough resolution to scan the Vaccine QR passport successfully. We also realized the importance of maintaining a consistent development environment so that our code behaves the same across different laptops. This issue mostly came up as a result of our python modules not having the same versions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

DoorMe successfully reads a QR code, compares it to the generated list, and then unlocks. DoorMe also locks when hearing a specific knocking pattern making it easy to lock your dorm door. Basic image processing that fixes the fish-eye warp caused by the peephole's lens. Successfully decoded Vaccine QR codes.

What we learned

We learned how the ESP32-CAM works as well as how the libraries for QR code scanning work. We also learned about optical distortion, specifically fish-eye warps & the polynomial math required to fix it. We learned how to clean up a signal from a noisy volume sensor into clear individual knocks.